Add Slideshows

Maximize your message with a presentation!

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a slideshow presentation your website. There are hundreds of slideshow pluggins that intergrate with the WordPress platform of as well as the option to have a custom slideshow coded from scratch installed on your site. The potential configurations for slideshows are infinite. Cost must be determined individually.

Factors that determine cost include:
  • Type of slide show.
  • Complexity of configuration required for the slideshow plugin.
  • Number of slides.
  • Amount of formating required for slides. eg. cropping image to fit
  • Complexity of graphic design for slides.
  • Complexity of graphic design for customizing the slider interface.
  • Dificulty intergrating the slideshow into your layout.

Request a consultation to discuss your objectives, budget, and review your layout in order to recommend slideshow options that acheive your goals.

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